Battle Pass Chat Wheel: 'Lakad Matataaaag' returns with new voice lines

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  One of the things TI8 will be remembered for, thanks to the Filipino casters, is ‘Ladak Matataaaag….Noramalin, Normalin’. This was spammed by teams throughout The International 2018, especially by champions OG. And now, it’s back! Those five phases that got popular from a Secret vs Fnatic game in the last 30 seconds can now be a part of your chat wheel at level 665!

  That’s just the tip of the icebetg as the 2019 Battle Pass has a lot of chat wheel sounds, old and new competing to be this years ‘Lakad Matataaaag’! Let’s take a look at the interesting stuff we are working with.

  At Battle Pass level 44, we have some generic sounds like every year. And I have to say, they are quite good, especially the Kookaburra Laugh and Monkey Business. The next set of generic sounds comes in at level 156.

  This is a nice addition. But it’s not an all chat line, just for your team. Maybe get some good motivational stuff going after a good fight…

  The iconic ‘Ceeeeeeeeb’ from OdiPixel again, marking OG’s offlaner Ceb delivering the Axe call in game 4 of the grand finals of TI8. The Berserker’s Call that potentially turned the tides. The best thing about it is, the length of the sound depends on your Battle Pass level. More the levels, longer the sound, which I think is an awesome feature! This is attainable at level 100 of the Battle Pass. And the best thing is, it’s and all chat sound!

  Some of our favorite sounds from TI7, the first time the chat wheel was introduced can be obtained at level 313. The all chats sounds in this one the famous ones, irrespective of the language! And then there is the famous ‘Brutal. Savage. Rekt’ from ReDEyE.


  Chat Wheel sounds at Battle Pass level 313

  A new line, not too bad. The one in Russian is also quite interesting (I have no idea what it means) and seems to have some potential to be a spam line this year.

  This brings back memories as well. Most of the chat wheel sounds besides the ones from the Secret Fnatic Game are embedded here. It includes the famous Chinese line that goes something like ‘Ei, dui you ne? Dui you ne? Dui you neee?’ which roughly translates to ‘Team? Team? Where’s your team?’ The Chinese supporters in Vancouver were chanting the last part of this loudly while supporting PSG.LDG in Rogers Arena.


  Chat Wheel sounds at Battle Pass level 392

  This was LD (I miss that great caster) in a tense game between Alliance and Evil Geniuses where EG were about to take the throne, but Alliance managed to keep it up, barely. The last line of defense involved Alliance’s Ogre Fireblasting EG’s Batrider thrice with Multicast which got us to ‘Ding Ding Ding Mother F***er!’ Valve prefered to go with a croack at the end, but we’ll forgive them for that!

  We have some new phrases from the duo that got us ‘Lakad Matataaaag’ and ‘Echo Slama Jamma’, but while they are good, the hype doesn’t really compare to what we got last year. That has been paired up with some cold phrases from OpenAI that will make you realize how bad you are make you want to quit Dota 2.

  With two English chat wheel sounds paired with four Chinese ones, the last of the chat wheel sounds will be obtained at level 1205 of Battle Pass. Again, they aren’t too bad. But not worth going all the way just for them.

  Maybe there are some in there that when players start spamming them will seem a lot more fun. We’ll know soon enough. Till then, here’s a clip of the 30 seconds of Dota 2 that got us some great content!